7.October, 5pm Worton Organic Garden

Final event: Lecture and concert – SOIL AND SPIRIT & INTO THE ETHER

Tickets: £40

Join the philosopher and gardener Jeremy Naydler, whose books include Gardening as a sacred art and a collection of poetry, Soul gardening, in the inspiring surroundings of Worton Organic Farm, near Cassington. His pre-concert talk will be a celebration of the earth, and will include images and poetry.

Into the Ether The fifth element is the ether, the realm of the spirit, which can only be perceived by hearing. Kodaly’s sizzling duo sets fire to Hungarian earth; Mansurian’s haunting Lachrymae waters it with Armenian tears. Granados’s gorgeous bird calls through the night air to a young Spanish girl, and Bruch’s Octet displays all the melodic gift of his famous violin concerto, with a virtuoso first violin ending our Festival in the highest of spirits.

Price includes talk, concert, bocconcini and wine.

Granados – The Maiden and the Nightingale arr.Beamish
Kodály – Duo for violin and cello
Tigran Mansurian – Lachrymae
Bruch – String octet op. Post.




All of life depends on the earth. The plants draw sustenance from the soil. Animals draw sustenance from the plants. Like other creatures, we humans belong to the earth, but unlike them we are prone to spurn, neglect and abuse the earth that is our home, instead of cherishing and caring for it. This talk will be an appreciation and celebration of the earth, with thoughts, images and poetry.


Jeremy Naydler is a philosopher and gardener, author of several books includingGardening as a Sacred Art,and a book of poems,Soul Gardening.