Masterclass with Eberhard Feltz

4. & 5. October, Simpkins Lee Theatre

Thursday: 10am -1pm & 3 -6pm

Friday: 9 -11.30am & 2.30 -5.30pm

Tickets for Thursday 4. October: £5

Tickets for Friday 5. October: £5

Beethoven’s late string quartets reach right down to the very elements of music and then recombine those elements in ways which still sound today experimental , rich and strange. Join the legendary chamber music guru Eberhard Feltz in this series of four masterclasses (morning / afternoon, Thursday / Friday) with the Marmen Quartet (2018 Winners of the Royal Oversea Awards) as they explore together these peaks of the quartet repertoire – and indeed, of all Western art. Beethoven – The late quartets explored.