Friday 5th Oct | 1:00pm | LADY MARGARET HALL, Simpkins Lee Theatre


LADY MARGRET HALL, Simpkins Lee Theatre, 1.00 PM | £ 15


Here is raging, unstoppable excitement in a blazing Spanish Fire dance, and the flickering, glowing colours of Stravinsky’s Firebird. Composer-in-residence Sally Beamish’s sparky trio imagines an alchemist brewing the Water of Life. And Brahms’s glorious first masterpiece, with its 24 strings, transports us from the earthiest two-cello sound to the airiest of violins and beyond into the ether.

Sally Beamish Aqua Vitae (from The King’s Alchemist) | Stravinsky Firebird: Berceuse and The Soldier’s Tale: Devil’s Dance | de Falla Ritual Fire dance | Brahms String sextet no.1 in Bb

Walther, Beamish, Nwanoku, Frochaux, Marmen, Mitchell, Kudritskaya