If you are already a member and would like to make an additional donation or simply to make a one-off donation to support us at this critical time you can do so online via PayPal to the OCMF 20th Anniversary fund. 

OCMF 20th Anniversary Campaign

I am delighted that OCMF is recognised to be one of the most exciting and innovative chamber music festivals in Europe. This year was an incredibly special moment for us; to be able to finally share our musical offerings with many great friends in the audience and on the stage after such a difficult few years for everyone in the arts. Thank you to all of you who came to support us through buying tickets, volunteering and sending lovely e-mails after concerts to express your gratitude and joy.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made our financial situation particularly difficult this year, as it has for many. With a reduced income and higher expenditure than usual, including the impacts of Brexit on visa costs for musicians travelling from outside the UK, we are facing an uncertain future unless we are able to fundraise enough to continue not only to present a festival in Autumn 2022 and beyond, but also to pay for our team to implement the work to make the festival a reality.

Our major support each year has always come from our Friends and supporters, so we are opening a 20th Anniversary Campaign to fundraise £25,000 through individual giving. We want to continue to bring you unforgettable concerts with exceptional artists from across the world, as we have done for the last 20 years.

So, please consider becoming a Friend – whatever you feel able to afford. You will get benefits exclusive to our members and you will play a really big part in helping to ensure that the Festival will be able to sustain itself in this difficult climate and in years to come.

Thank you,

Priya Mitchell, Artistic Director

If you would prefer to send a cheque by post or raise a Standing Order please e-mail friends@ocmf.net. N.B. Please note that we intend to host our Friends Receptions and Summer event at the 2022 Festival. We will also be presenting Friends lists on our website rather than in printed form as artists will be presenting all works from the stage.

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We very much appreciate your support.

20th Anniversary Campaign